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Lighting Resources Florida Lamp Recycling Facility

About Lighting Resources

Lighting Resources ... Over a Quarter Century of Continued Growth

Lighting Resources is now one of the nation's largest recyclers of bulbs, ballasts, batteries, thermostats and other mercury devices, electronic scrap, and tritium exit signs. Operating for over a quarter of a century, business continues to grow with increasing revenues every year.

Though we service the nation, we are still small enough to understand your localized needs. More than any other company, we invest in state-of-the-art equipment to safely recycle bulbs with the goal of achieving zero landfill. Lighting Resources operates the latest generation of bulb recycling equipment throughout the United States to better protect the environment and mitigate your environmental liability.

Contact your nearest Lighting Resources location to serve your universal waste and related recycling needs. 

  • Exceptional Service throughout the continental U.S. with nationwide, fully permitted truck fleet for large orders and EZ on the Earth Recycling Kits for smaller orders. 
  • State-of-the-Art Recycling Facilities to better protect our environment.
  • Extensive List of Recycling Services, including bulbs, batteries, ballasts, electronic devices, mercury devices, tritium exit signs, automotive airbags, retail returns, and smoke detectors.
  • $5,000,000 of Pollution Liability Insurance to ensure your peace of mind.

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EZ on the Earth Recycling KitsMail-Back Recycle Kits from EZ on the Earth

Our EZ on the Earth division is also now one of the nation's largest providers of mail-back recycle kits. Kits are shipped across the U.S. with a 48-hour turnaround time to ensure you have the supplies you need to properly manage your recycling needs. EZ on the Earth also provides the most comprehensive service in the industry to manage spent Tritium Exit Signs. 



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Ocala, Florida Bulb Recycling Facility

In 2012 state-of-the-art Balcan equipment was installed in our Ocala, Florida facility. This is the only facility in the southeast operating this kind of sophisticated lamp recycling equipment.

Greenwood, Indiana Bulb Recycling and Mercury Retort Facility 

The Balcan equipment installed in our Greenwood, Indiana, operation in 2012 processes more bulbs than any of our other modern technology equipment. The Greenwood, IN location is our most robust facility, operating mercury retort ovens to remove mercury from phosphorous powder and triple distillation equipment to return mercury to virgin specifications. 

Lighting Resources Texas Lamp Recycling Facility

Fort Worth, Texas Bulb Recycling Facility

Our Fort Worth, Texas operation was the first to install the Balcan Bulb recycling equipment in 2010.  This equipment revolutionized the recycling of fluorescent lamps by better cleaning the end components and reducing potential employee exposure.

Balcan Lamp Recycling Equipment Lighting Resources

State-of-the-art Balcan Bulb Recycling Machines

Located in Texas, Indiana, Florida, Arizona, and soon to be California, our Balcan equipment utilizes the multipurpose feed system pictured above. Almost all bulb recycling technology today is designed only to process straight lamps requiring a large amount of processing of socketed and other bulbs by hand. This feed system is one of the few to automate the recycling of bulbs other than straight lamps.