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Lighting Resources Commercial Recycling

Lighting Resources Company History

1989 Lighting Resources Begins in Ontario, CA

Lighting Resources was formed in 1989 with a single fluorescent lamp recycling facility in Ontario, California. A pioneer in fluorescent lamp recycling, the environmentally friendly recycling process provided for re-purposing of individual lamp components while protecting the environment from mercury. 

1994 Lighting Resources PCB Ballast Processing Facility Opens in Phoenix, AZ

Just five years later, Lighting Resources opened what has since become the largest facility in the United States for processing Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Ballasts. Our Phoenix location now receives PCB ballasts for processing from many other lamp recyclers. State-of-the-Art Lamp Recycling Equipment will soon be operational in the Lighting Resources Phoenix facility. 

1995 Lighting Resources Expands to Greenwood, IN

Located just south of Indianapolis, Indiana, Lighting Resources' Greenwood fluorescent lamp recycling facility opened in 1995 operating first generation lamp recycling equipment to provide needed lamp recycling services to the eastern portion of the country.

1999 Lighting Resources Opens a Transfer facility in Tampa, FL

In 1999, Lighting Resources opened a transfer facility in Tampa, Florida to service the southeast.  Lamps are shipped to the Greenwood facility for processing.

2010 Lighting Resources Expands with EZ on the Earth Recycling Kits for Small Quantity Recycling Needs

Lighting Resources developed the EZ on the Earth division to serve customers with lower-volume recycling needs with a variety of Pre-Paid, Mail-Back Recycling Kits for lamps, batteries, and other items. EZ on the Earth has quickly become one of the nation's largest providers of pre-paid lamp and battery recycling kits. 

2010 Lighting Resources Opens Fort Worth, TX Lamp Recycling Facility

Continuing to grow around the U.S., Lighting Resources opened a lamp recycling operation in Fort Worth, Texas. The facility was initially a transfer station and then in 2011 Fort Worth was our first facility to upgraded with Balcan Lamp Recycling Equipment, making it the first Lighting Resources operation to run the new the state-of-the-art equipment.

2011 Lighting Resources Opens Ocala, FL Location

The Tampa, Florida transfer station is moved to Ocala Florida. Lamp Recycling facility moves from Tampa to Ocala and opens in Ocala, Florida, and just three years later in 2012 began operating state-of-the-art Balcan Lamp Recycling Equipment that allows for zero landfill waste. 

2012 Lighting Resources in Greenwood, IN upgrades to new lamp recycling and mercury recovery equipment

In 2012 the Greenwood, Indiana, Lighting Resources operation is upgraded with our second state-of-the-art Balcan lamp recycling process operation. The Greenwood operation also added a brand new high temperature oven that "retorts" the mercury from the phosphorus powder contained in the lamps, often processing powder for many other lamp recyclers. Lighting Resources' Greenwood, Indiana, location also operates Triple Distillation Mercury Equipment for meeting "virgin" mercury specifications for reuse. 

2013 Second Mercury Retort Oven Added

Continuing the aggressive expansion in Greenwood, Indiana, a second mercury retort oven is added.  This oven provides the additional capacity to remove mercury from the rapidly increasing volumes of lamps processed by Lighting Resources, as well as other lamp recycling companies.

2014 Mercury Triple Distillation Capabilities Added 

In 2014 Lighting Resources in Greenwood, Indiana, adds mercury triple distillation capabilities to process mercury back to virgin product specifications. This capability allows Lighting Resources to sell mercury as a product in the mercury market.