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Lighting Resources Fort Worth Upgrades to Ultra-modern Lamp Recycling Equipment

The Fort Worth, TX Lighting Resources facility began operating ultra-modern lamp recycling equipment. According to Brian Anderson, Sales manager, "This new equipment crushes and separates all of the components of lamps under a tremendous amount of negative air pressure. Because all of the processing is internal inside of the machine in a controlled environment the air quality in the process room does not even require a respirator, although our employees wear them for redundant protection. The air in the process room is tested for mercury daily with a very precise meter."

Tom Slattery, operations manager, added: "With this new equipment even difficult lamps are recycled internally including HID's, compact fluorescents, and U-bend lamps. Most technology today requires these types of lamps to be broken by hand. Our new equipment better protects workers and the environment. Also, the components are separated and cleaned to create a better value allowing more components to be reused."