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Best in Class Lamp Recycling Lighting Resources


Lighting Resources is a best-in-class recycling company with six locations all committed to the environmentally responsible handling of universal waste and related products. 

Lighting Resources is committed to serving our customers well and to helping protect the environment. How do we do it?

  • Use and maintain the highest quality processing equipment in our facilities
  • Recycle or process for reuse as much material as possible
  • Responsibly dispose of any non-recyclable or non-reusable materials
  • Maintain a nationwide fully permitted truck fleet to pick up your large-volume waste products
  • Provide Certificates of Recycling for every shipment to ensure you have documented proof for your records
  • Maintain $5 million liability protection

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Featured on Curiosity Quest

Our state-of-the-art recycling equipment was featured on the syndicated children’s television show “Curiosity Quest.”  See the video below:

More state-of-the-art equipment than any other recycler in the U.S.

Lighting Resources operates state-of-the-art Balcan lamp recycling equipment at our facilities in Florida, Indiana, Texas, and soon Arizona and California.  No one else has made this kind of commitment to the most state-of-the-art lamp recycling equipment available.

Winner of the Queens Award

Balcan state-of-the-art lamp recycling equipment is manufactured in England and has won the prestigious Queens Award for Innovation for Recycling Technology. This is one of the highest honors awarded within the United Kingdom.

Loading Balcan Lamp Recycling Machine with fluorescent tubesHow The Balcan Lamp Recycling System Works

With all fluorescent tube and mercury lamp recycling plants, lamps need to be crushed before they can be further processed. The Balcan lamp recycling system has been designed to accept both whole and pre-crushed lamps of all kinds and sizes, which gives us the advantage over older lamp recycling technology.

Once crushed, the lamp debris is fed into a uniquely designed agitator unit that loosens the mercury bearing phosphor powder, adhering to the glass.

During this process, the mercury bearing dusty air generated inside the unit, is continually drawn off to a filter unit that removes and collects the powder. Air exhausted from this filter is then further cleaned by passing through another larger and highly sophisticated filter, which removes the last traces of mercury vapor and other impurities before it is allowed to vent to atmosphere as clean air.

Meanwhile, cleaned recycled glass debris that constantly discharges from the agitator unit is then separated into its glass and metal/aluminum fractions, by passing over a powerful magnet from where it is collected.

The aluminum end caps are resold as a commodity; the glass is utilized for beneficial reuse; and the phosphorous powder is processed at our Indiana facility where the mercury is removed.

Mercury Removal and Triple Distillation

Our Greenwood, Indiana facility operates two brand-new, high-temperature mercury retort ovens designed to bake the mercury from the powder. Once removed, our Greenwood facility also operates triple distillation equipment capable of returning mercury to virgin specifications. This facility is one of only a few lamp recyclers in the nation capable of distilling mercury and allowing it to be turned back into a brand-new product.