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How Recycling Helps You


Recycling for Regulatory Compliance

For any company, following regulations for proper waste disposal is just good business. Having a program in place to recycle spent lamps, batteries, mercury devices and other items keeps you in compliance and prepares you for inspections. Lighting Resources provides Certificates of Recycling for all shipments. Certificates of Recycling provide proof that your company's waste products are properly managed. 

Recycling is the Right Thing to Do   

Simply dumping waste products into regular trash is not only often against regulations, but environmentally irresponsible. Many components in universal wastes such as mercury do not ever break down and are harmful to the central nervous system. Many types of batteries and electronic devices contain various heavy metals and toxic compounds that can cause with adverse health affects and damage the environment.

Even non-toxic materials can often be recycled and reused, reducing the amount of usable material taking up space in landfills and generates energy savings down the line. According to, recycled glass generates 20% less air pollution, 50% less water pollution, and uses 50% less energy than normal production of glass. It just makes sense to properly recycle these materials and keep them out of the environment.  

Recycling Means Better Customer Service

Customers want to do business with "green" companies. More than ever, U.S. consumers continue to "go green," with nearly 80% saying they buy green products and services, according to 2013 Harris Interactive Poll. As consumer trends continue to move toward great awareness of environmental responsibility, companies that institute green practices are naturally more attractive to like-minded consumers. Many public organizations also seek environmentally aware vendors for products and services. With a little public relations, your company can benefit from your green practices by letting your current and prospective customers know about your commitment to environmental responsibility.

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