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Recycle Smaller Quantities of Universal Wastes Nationwide

We Make It Easy to Recycle Small Quantities

We make it easy to recycle smaller quantities of lamps, batteries, non-PCB ballasts, mercury thermometers, switches, smoke detectors, and electronic scrap. Everything you need is included in one upfront price, including the kit, all recycling, and shipping. And, after your kit is returned for recycling, you can obtain your Certificate of Recycling online.


OR Call (855) EARTH-55 (855-327-8455) 


Our Universal Waste Mail-Back Program is Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Once you order, the prepaid mail-back containers will be shipped to you with everything you need to properly pack and ship your spent lamps, batteries, mercury devices, Non-PCB ballasts, and electronics. 
  2. Simply fill the interior bag per the instructions enclosed in the kit with your spent items. Seal the bag inside the container and seal all box seams with 2” to 3” packing tape.
  3. Fill out the enclosed prepaid return shipping label with your facility’s name and address. Call FedEx Ground to pick up your full containers for shipment to a fully permitted recycling facilities and a certificate of recycling will be available online at when the full container is returned.


24 hour service!

Our goal is to ship every kit from our centrally located fulfillment facility within one day of order.

Auto-Reorder Ensures You Will Not Be Without a Recycle Kit When You Need It

Our EZ on the Earth Recycle Kits can also be set up for auto-reorder. With auto re-order you will be automatically notified when a kit is returned for recycling allowing you to order again. The auto-reorder system keeps you in compliance and ensures you have a recycle kit available at all times.

The Ultimate Protection for Primary Lithium Batteries

Ask about our primary lithium battery pail containing insulation protection up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It is Easy to Recycle Tritium Exit Signs

Ours is the easiest program available to properly manage tritium exit signs (exit signs that glow without electricity). Because these signs contain mildly radioactive tritium, they are regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and must be handled according to a very specific process. EZ on the Earth will walk you through the process and provide everything you need to ship your signs correctly and safely.  READ MORE