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Lighting Resources operates six facilities throughout the United States and is one of the nation’s largest lamp recyclers. With a nationwide permitted truck fleet, we can pick up or large volume recycling from pallet loads to truckloads on a schedule that works best for you. Only have small quantities? Lighting Resources’ EZ on the Earth division offers a complete line of mail-back Recycle Kits for nearly everything we recycle. From bulbs, ballasts, and batteries to e-waste, mercury, and tritium exit signs, Lighting Resources recycling services help you mitigate risk and maintain environmental responsibility.






Lamp Recycling

Bulb Recycling

Mercury is a key element in energy efficient lighting such as fluorescent lamp tubes, compact fluorescents (CFL’s), and other bulbs. While there is no direct risk if managed properly, the health and environmental risks associated with mercury use obligate us to recycle these lamps in a responsible manner. That's why Lighting Resources has state-of-the-art, fully permitted bulb recycling operations throughout the country with the latest generation lamp recycling equipment that allows for zero landfill waste and better protects the environment and mitigates your environmental liability.

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Ballast Recycling

Ballast Recycling

Lighting Resources is the largest PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) ballast processor in the United States and also recycles non-PCB ballasts.

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Mercury Waste Recycling

Mercury Devices Recycling

Thermometers, thermostats, switches, and other intact mercury devices are generally managed as a universal waste. Lighting Resources removes mercury from these devices and operates triple distillation equipment to resell mercury as virgin product.

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Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling

As the use of battery-powered electronic devices increases, so does the risk to our environment from various heavy metals used in batteries. Improper battery disposal introduces pollutants such as mercury, silver, lead, chromium and cadmium into our ecosystem. Lighting Resources helps you dispose of spent batteries properly by supplying packaging materials and either large volume truck pickup or EZ on the Earth Recycle Kits for smaller quantities.

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Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste (ewaste or escrap)

Rapidly changing technology makes even "cutting-edge" equipment quickly obsolete. With toxic materials such as lead, zinc, cadmium, mercury, and others in many electronic devices and components, recycling electrical waste and electronic waste devices and components is the best option for reducing the potential environmental consequences of improper disposal.

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Tritium Exit Signs

Tritium Exit Signs

Self-powered, non-electric exit signs contain the radioactive gas tritium that must be disposed of properly to avoid contamination. EZ on the Earth (a division of Lighting Resources) provides the most comprehensive tritium exit sign service available. We give you everything you need to meet regulatory requirements and safely ship and recycle tritium signs.

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Smoke Detectors Recycling

Smoke Detectors Recycling

Many smoke alarms and smoke detectors contain small amounts of radioactive materials, all of which should be properly handled for disposal. Lighting Resources' EZ on the Earth division offers Smoke Alarm Recycle Kits that provide you with proper packaging and shipping labels to recycle smoke detectors and smoke alarms.

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