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Auto Air Bag Recycling


Hailed as a major automobile safety advance, since 1998 federal law has made automotive airbags required equipment in all cars and light trucks sold in the United States. As vehicles leave the road through crashes, malfunctions, or age, tens of millions of airbags comprised of recyclable materials such as metal, plastic and nylon and explosive charge units are in need of proper disposal … and can be recycled. 

Car dealers, auto recyclers, auto repair shops, and salvage yards are faced with how to determine and follow state and federal regulations for the proper handling and disposal of un-deployed auto airbags. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has deferred responsibility to individual states to determine how used airbags – whether deployed or un-deployed –  are regulated. State regulations vary widely and are always subject to change. The best answer? Recycle!

We Recycle and Reclaim 100% of Airbag Components

Vehicle SRS Devices RecyclingLighting Resources' airbag recycling process recovers three key commodities:  Scrap Metal, Plastic, and Scrap Nylon. Airbag modules from steering wheels, glove boxes, side curtains, and others as well as seatbelt pretensioners are disassembled. The charge unit, nylon bag or seatbelt strapping, metal, and plastic are all recovered and reclaimed. Charge units are electrically discharged and then recycled as scrap metal. Our recovery and reclamation process ensures ZERO LANDFILL WASTE for recycled airbag modules. 

Lighting Resources Airbag Recycling Process is Secure

Auto airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners are recycled in Lighting Resources' Johnson City, Tennessee recycling facility. The facility has 24-hour video surveillance, secured fenced storage, and barcode tracking of all recycled airbags.

Arrange for Large Volume  Recycling

Lighting Resources can provide packing materials and shipping labels for your shipments. Our nationwide coverage accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly, bulk pickup schedules to handle your large-quantity recycling needs. To arrange for large quantity auto airbag and SRS device recycling from pallet loads to truck loads, contact Lighting Resources by email using the CONTACT US button below or call Lighting Resources Johnson City, Tennessee at (423) 328-7012.